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2004 Woodward Dream Cruise

For the second year in a row, 429 group member Art Richardson and I took my Mustang to the Woodward Cruise. We ended up spending 10 hours there, only completing the whole circuit once. Tons of cars and a great time. We took the photos below to share the experience with those who couldn't be there :-)

John Blair







Art and I stopped by Ed Schmid Ford to meet Mike the Cobra from the Torino/Cyclone Forum and to check out some of his group's cars. Saw quite a few nice Torinos and a great Cyclone. Saw Mike's new paint job and took a few pix of our cars together;







And what cruise would be complete with out a trip to Hooters?
(Dan Schott - where were you!!!)

The four pix below are from the Detroit News and Woodward Dream Cruise website - I thought they added a few more interesting views that I missed.