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2002 Pony Trails/Silver Springs Ford & Mustang Roundup

For those of you not familiar with what "Pony Trails" is, it is a Mustang drive sponsored by "Mustang Monthly" magazine. These drives occur in different locations in the US throughout the year and the first one for 2002 was in Ocala, Florida on January, 11th. For this drive, 104 cars met at the National Parts Depot (NPD) parking lot in Ocala and traveled about 60 miles to Cedar Key Island off the Gulfcoast of Florida and returned via the same route. Mustang Monthly editor Jeff Ford's Medium Bright Yellow 1972 "Lazarus" Mach 1 led the stampede. I was able to travel from Michigan along with my good buddy (and Boss 351 owner) Art Richardson to participate in this Pony Trails with my friend in Florida, Robert Myhrer. The pictures below will give some idea of what the Pony Trails was like! 


John Blair


Note: Click thumbnails below to enlarge pictures.

ss2.jpg (48092 bytes)

Traveling from Lakeland to Ocala Thursday night with Robert's two 429 Mustangs.

ss3a.jpg (66633 bytes)



ss4.jpg (40425 bytes)

Due to an ignition system problem, Robert's friend editor Ford had to come to the rescue to help us make the final leg of the journey to Ocala. He was pleased to make the hour drive south at about 11:00 at night!

ss5.jpg (40012 bytes)

Art, Jeff, and Robert securing the yellow 429 car.



ss6.jpg (77410 bytes)

Friday morning at the NPD parking lot getting organized for the Pony Trail. Lazarus is set to lead the way.

ss7.jpg (77031 bytes)

Jeff Ford makes a last minute check with our Police escort (arranged by Rick Schmidt of NPD) so we could keep all the cars together until we reached the expressway. 

ss8.jpg (105345 bytes)

The drive was well planned and went through woods, rolling hills and pastureland.

ss9.jpg (117716 bytes)

It was neat to see residents from homes along the route coming out into their yards to watch the parade of Mustangs roar by. 

ss10.jpg (83986 bytes)

My buddy Art and I were able to rent a brand new Mustang GT convertible to use during the drive. The hood scoop is visible in this photo. Art drove the GT within posted speed limits for the entire trip ;-)

ss11.jpg (56287 bytes)

A portion of the drive took place on a two lane highway. A *few* of the cars opened things up for a minute. It was a great sound to hear!

ss12.jpg (98093 bytes)

We arrived at Cedar Key around 11:30 AM. There was a parking lot along the harbor just the right size to accommodate all the cars.

ss18.jpg (52549 bytes)

Jeff Ford recommended some good places to have lunch and told us where to meet at 1:00 PM for the drive back.

ss15.jpg (127281 bytes)

Other cars besides Mustangs participated - note the Sunbeam Tigers and Cobra.


ss14.jpg (109226 bytes)

It was a beautiful day for the drive with blue sky and temperature around 70 degrees.


ss17.jpg (54691 bytes)

A view of all the cars from across the harbor.

ss19.jpg (78953 bytes)

The cars gathered outside of town for the trip back to Ocala.

ss20.jpg (76723 bytes)


ss21.jpg (81693 bytes)

The drive back through the Florida countryside.

ss22.jpg (67885 bytes)

View over the rear spoiler.

ss23.jpg (43285 bytes) ss24.jpg (95470 bytes)

After returning to the NPD facility at the end of the drive, Rick Schimdt of NPD invited the Pony Trailers to tour NPD's 200+ car collection. It included a Boss 429, a '73 Mach 1 and many other rare and interesting cars.

ss25.jpg (58318 bytes)

'73 Mach 1 from NPD collection.

ss27.jpg (51170 bytes)

Friday night, Art (front), Robert (back passenger) and Dana "The Cheater" (back driver's side) had an after dinner cruise in our rental GT convertible. Robert and Dana were pleased with all the leg room afforded by the Mustang rear seats ;-)

ss26.jpg (116264 bytes)

On Saturday morning, the Silver Springs "Ford & Mustang Roundup" started. This is an annual car show that sees around 800 - 1000 Ford vehicles. This Mopar/Mustang hybrid was spotted among the show participants!

ss29.jpg (75210 bytes)

I'm sure we have all seen these dolls at car shows that lean on the front bumper? I was surprised when this one turned around and was a real little girl!

ss30.jpg (95946 bytes)

Robert's two 429 Mustangs were also on display. Robert carefully chose a prime location to gain maximum exposure for the cars. For the two days of the show, many people stopped by to take a look, ask questions about his cars, and drool. It is fine displays like this that will help increase public knowledge and generate interest in our rare but still widely unknown 429 cars. Good job, Robert!

ss31.jpg (148908 bytes)

Robert's cars were joined by a white '72 351 Mach 1 on the show field. It was quite a sight to see these three cars together.

ss32.jpg (126070 bytes)


ss33.jpg (93331 bytes) ss34.jpg (159383 bytes)
st.jpg (107961 bytes)

As shown in this row, three 351 powered Mustangs and a Cougar convertible also attended...

ss35.jpg (92586 bytes) ss36.jpg (64113 bytes)
ss37.jpg (83381 bytes)

Check out the custom plate on Jeff Ford's Lazarus Mustang!

ss38.jpg (124794 bytes)

The show finished up Sunday and then there was the return trip to cold and frozen Michigan. It was a great trip and plans were made to participate in the upcoming Grand Rapids, Michigan Pony Trails in June 2002. (For those interested in the Michigan  Pony Trails, click this link to the West Michigan Mustang Club)

ss39.jpg (88202 bytes)

The Pony Trails was great fun and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a chance to go on one!

A big THANKS! to Mustang Monthly and NPD for making this great event possible.

John Blair