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Don Brasiers 429 CJ  Cougar


New 2005 Pictures From Don below;








Hi John,

Attached are some pictures of my 71 429CJR cougar that I took recently. You are welcome to use any of them on the 71 429 website and update my existing gallery pictures. The car still needs some detailing, mostly under the hood but I am calling it done for this year. Some of the pictures were taken at the same park and location of the previous pictures I sent you that were taken around 17 years ago after I just bought it. The trees have grown quite a bit since then. Also are some pictures of a local car show in Nov. 04 that the cougar took 1st place at. The one picture is my son and myself getting ready to leave the house and drive to the show with no license plate on the front and a fake route-66 plate on the rear. This was the first time the cougar had left my subdivision in 17 years. The car still has just under 25,000 orig. miles on it. I painted the car this past summer and just recently got it all back together. The interior, trunk and undercarriage are still mostly original. For the exhaust I bought an exact reproduction H-pipe made from aluminized and the rest of the system I had made from 304 stainless steel. I also just ordered the Pertronix II ignition system for it to replace the existing points. I took it to the local inspection station the other day to have it state inspected so I can “FINALLY” get license plates for it for the first time since I have owned it. While there I learned that Missouri just recently changed their emissions law for cars 79 and up instead of 71 and up, so the cat did not have to get sniffed.  Thanks again for the time that you and others have put into this web site, it has helped a bunch…

Don Brasier







The photos below were taken of Don's car were taken 17 years ago - prior to restoration.

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