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Pony Trail/Grand Rapids Car Show

For those of you not familiar with what "Pony Trails" is, it is a Mustang/Ford drive sponsored by "Mustang Monthly" Magazine.  These drives occur in different locations in the US throughout the year.  This page has photos of the Pony Trail that occurred in Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 9, 2002 (as well as the Mustang Car Show on June 8th), which was sponsored by the West Michigan Mustang Club. As was customary, Mustang Monthly Editor Jeff Ford was on hand to lead the stampede and we had spectacular weather for both the Car Show and Pony Trail. For this drive, 232 cars (a new Pony Trail record!) met at the Duthler Ford parking lot in Grand Rapids and traveled about 60 miles south to the Gillmore Classic Car Museum. After lunch and viewing the exhibits, the Pony Trail ended at an ice cream parlor in Dorr, Michigan. A great time was had by all! Enjoy the photos below taken by Robert Myhrer, Dan Davis, and John Blair


John Blair

Note: Click thumbnail photos below to enlarge.

DSCN0983.JPG (92343 bytes)        DSCN0982.JPG (125466 bytes)

Preparing my car for it's first cross-state trip. The 4.11 gear is not travel friendly for long trips, so trailoring was the preferred mode of transportation to Grand Rapids.

pt6.jpg (65173 bytes)      pt7.jpg (73283 bytes)

This is the West Michigan Mustang Club Car Show at Betton & Sons Ford on Saturday, June 8th. There was a fantastic turnout of Mustangs including a large number of 71 - 73's.


pt8.jpg (102243 bytes)      pt9.jpg (83251 bytes)

Group member Dan Schott brought his green 73 429 CJ powered Convertible (second from right). In picture at right, four red 71 - 73's! One was a 73 Convertible powered by a 429 belonging to Tony Van Houten.

pt12.jpg (101520 bytes)     pt14.jpg (105502 bytes)     pt11.jpg (114799 bytes)

Three Boss 351s came as well.

pt10.jpg (105930 bytes)

I couldn't resist taking this shot of the twin Boss 302s.


pt15.jpg (113944 bytes)

This sharp 73 Convertible was photographed for possible future use in Mustang Monthly.

pt19.jpg (44452 bytes)

Group member Randy Leestma (right) came by the car show.

pt16.jpg (59088 bytes)

After the car show, Duthler Ford and the West Mich Mustang Club provided an outstanding dinner in the dealership showroom for the car show/Pony Trail participants with Jeff Ford as the guest speaker. Group members Dan Davis (left), Robert Myhrer (center) and me (John Blair) shared a table. Member Dan Schott celebrated with wings at Hooters across the street!

DSCN0985.JPG (64102 bytes)    DSCN0986.JPG (49232 bytes)    DSCN0990.JPG (65672 bytes)

At 8:30 AM Sunday morning, the Mustangs (and Cougar!) gathered to line up for the Pony Trail at Duthler Ford.

DSCN0987.JPG (76148 bytes)    DSCN0988.JPG (72473 bytes)    DSCN0989.JPG (79747 bytes)

Incredibly, the parking lot swelled to 232 Mustangs, surpassing the previous record of 231 held by Bellevue, WA at their Pony Trail last year!

pt17.jpg (53722 bytes)

Robert Myhrer, visiting from Florida, rode with Dan Davis in his 429 CJ Cougar and later with me in my 71 Mustang during the Pony Trail.


DSCN0993.JPG (85026 bytes)

232 Mustangs lined up on a country road was quite a sight. People along the route poured out of their homes to line the road and wave as we passed by.

pt2.jpg (106051 bytes)    pt5.jpg (88380 bytes)    pt4.jpg (68676 bytes)

The route was fantastic with tree lined roads, hills, curves and long open stretches. The cars moved through the countryside at a brisk pace.

DSCN0992.JPG (48660 bytes)

View of my car on the trail. 


pt1a.jpg (79273 bytes)

Dan and Robert in the Cougar.

DSCN0997.JPG (59664 bytes)         DSCN0994.JPG (74585 bytes)

About noon, we arrived at the Gillmore Classic Car Museum. There were displays of Muscle Cars, Old Fire Engines, a Vintage Gas Station, and many other buildings loaded with antique cars.

DSCN1000.JPG (60018 bytes)         DSCN1002.JPG (50903 bytes)

While we were there, Dan Davis and I set up our cars to get a fresh picture for the front page of the 429 Megasite. I'll be adding one from this series soon. 

pt20.jpg (25563 bytes)

This picture gives an overview of the 230+ Mustangs parked on the grassy grounds of the museum.

DSCN1004.JPG (96456 bytes)

About 2:00 PM, the cars left Gillmore and the Pony Trail continued back North towards Dorr, MI for ice cream.

DSCN1007.JPG (85985 bytes)

We arrived at the ice cream parlor in Dorr where everyone got a coupon for free ice cream.

pt18.jpg (110932 bytes)

There was great shaded parking for the cars and a good place to cool off and relax before the long trip home.

pt21.jpg (29187 bytes)

This Grabber Lime Boss 351 near us. It was a very low optioned car with an unusual color.

DSCN1010.JPG (60195 bytes)

We got back to the hotel about 5:00 PM. Editor Ford (left) helped me position my tiedown straps in the optimal location for the trip home. 

Thank you to the West Michigan Mustang Club, their sponsors, and Mustang Monthly for putting on a first rate event. Our group had a great time. I'm looking forward to attending again next year!