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                                         Robert's 429 CJ                                                          Jeff Ford's "Lazarus" 

This Special Topics Page will contain interesting topics and/or photos on subjects of interest to the owners of 71 Mustangs and Cougars and will be changed from time to time as new topics become available.  J. Blair

For it's first installation, it will contain photos of my recent visit to group member Robert Myhrer's house to see his three 429 Mustangs! While there, Robert introduced me to his friend Jeff Ford, editor of Mustang Monthly, who brought over the "Lazarus" Mustang, which has been featured in "Mustang Monthly" the last couple years and during it's restoration. It was an incredible experience to be among four awesome Mustangs at once. Robert said I can stop by again next year when I'm in Florida - I plan to!

(Note: Click thumbnails to enlarge pictures)

Robert's newly acquired Grabber Yellow 429 CJ

robert1.jpg (56153 bytes)    robert2.jpg (71352 bytes)    robert3.jpg (83838 bytes)   

robert4.jpg (62182 bytes)    robert5.jpg (77385 bytes)    robert6.jpg (101765 bytes)

Jeff Ford's 351 C Powered "Lazarus" 1972 Mach 1

lz1.jpg (69759 bytes)    lz3.jpg (50344 bytes)    lz4.jpg (29106 bytes)

lz6.jpg (85011 bytes)    lz5.jpg (94846 bytes)    lz7.jpg (92114 bytes)

Detailed pictures of the Lazarus trunk

lz2.jpg (91083 bytes)    lz8.jpg (27541 bytes)    lz9.jpg (94661 bytes)

                                                              Build Date codes in Headlight buckets

Robert's Grabber Lime  429 SCJ Mach 1

robertlime1.jpg (94027 bytes)    robertlime2.jpg (48601 bytes)    robertlime3.jpg (59327 bytes) 

robertlime4.jpg (61492 bytes)    robertlime5.jpg (52864 bytes)    lime1.jpg (69100 bytes)  

                                                               Note date code on original wiper motor 

Robert's Bright Red Red 429 SCJ Mach 1

 robertred5.jpg (49520 bytes)    robertred6.jpg (51776 bytes)    robertred7.jpg (67596 bytes) 

robertred8.jpg (47096 bytes)    robertredeng.jpg (111843 bytes)    robertredeng2.jpg (120768 bytes)

robertredsmog3.jpg (103481 bytes)    robertredsmog4.jpg (105372 bytes)

Robert made his own "Autolite Group 27" Battery :-) Also, note smog system.