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The last '71 Mustang rolled out of Ford's Dearborn Assembly plant in the Summer of 1971, however, as part of Ford's 100th Anniversary celebration, around 100 selected cars were allowed back into Dearborn Assembly to roll back onto the assembly line for a *very* special photo op. Group member Art Richardson was asked to display his Boss 351 inside the plant while these photos were being taken and was later also invited for an assembly line photo with his car (Art is currently awaiting arrival of the official photo set - I'm betting he will let me add them here when he gets them).  While there, he took these neat photos of the Mustang photo session as well as the Mustangs on display. Thanks to Art for providing this glimpse of the birthplace of our cars!


This is Art's Boss 351, which was on display inside Dearborn Assembly for the 100th anniversary visitors to see.


Other Mustangs on display at the plant. The '71 on the far right had over 400,000 miles on it!


These are some of  the lucky cars getting their photo taken at the end of the Final Line at Dearborn Assembly!


Here are some additional shots inside and outside the plant. Note the current production Mustangs on the assembly line in the center photo!