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wheelOptions71Mustang.jpg (83523 bytes)

(Above - Wheel options as shown in the '71 Mustang Sales Brochure)

71 Mustang Wheel Options

Standard wheels/tires on the 429 Mach 1 were the 14x7 rims with hub caps and trim rings and F70's (E78's on the other models with 429). With the optional F60-15 tires (standard wheel/tire combo on the Boss 351), 15x7 steel rims with the hub caps/trim rings were standard, with the Magnums available as yet another extra cost option. The 15x7 rims are tough to come buy and were only otherwise available to my knowledge as standard equipment on the '70 Boss 302 and '72 HO Mustang and '70-71 Torinos ordered with the optional F60-15's. F70-14's were a mandatory extra cost option on 429 cars other than Mach 1.

trinring3.jpg (50697 bytes)    71hubcaps.jpg (66793 bytes)    standardcap8.jpg (20857 bytes)

Wheel Covers

Trim Rings and Hub Caps (top left) were standard on the Mach 1 and Boss 351 only and came in both 14" and 15"versions. The 15" version is shown below;

The optional sport caps (top center) also came in both 14" and 15" sizes. The Standard wheel covers (top right) came on most 71 Hardtops and Convertibles but not on Grande, Mach 1 and Boss 351.

Some 71 Hardtops and Convertibles also came standard with a smaller 10" cap that went in the middle of the rim, and the outer part of the rim was exposed and painted body color like the white Jacky Jones 429 SCJ Hardtop and red Hardtop shown below.

jjonescar.jpg (62707 bytes)        redhardtop.jpg (46665 bytes)       

(Note: for 72/73 the Grande had it's own unique cap that was completely different from the standard cap. The Grande cap had a running horse in the center and fins all around it)

wheel15x71.jpg (21002 bytes)      wheel15x72.jpg (18825 bytes)      RimWidth3.jpg (44445 bytes)

Steel Wheel

These are the 15" x 7" steel wheels available as an option on the '71 429 Mustang that were used with the wheel covers described above. They carried part number D0OZ-1007-A. A green paint ID code was brushed or sprayed on the backside outer lip of the wheel. Krylon 6061 Forest Green is a good match.

magnumrepro.jpg (66764 bytes)  magnumrepro1.jpg (56263 bytes)  MagnumOriginal.jpg (53093 bytes)  MagumOriginal1.jpg (37922 bytes) 

Repro                                              Original

Magnum 500 Wheels - Original - vs- Reproduction 

How do you tell an original from a reproduction Magnum 500 wheel? The reproduction version has polished chrome spokes as shown in the two photos at left above (note the photographer's reflection can be seen in the spokes of the repro above). The originals had satin chrome spokes (meaning you can't see your reflection in the originals). Also, the reproduction's outer chrome rim is wrong. The originals had a 1" wide band in the circular area  where the valve stem goes, and the repro's have a thin band there, like on a standard black rim. Note: Many catalogs show an original wheel when they advertise the reproductions!) One other note - on cars with Magnum 500's, the outer face of the rear brake drums were covered with black paint by the factory so the rusty drums couldn't be seen through the slots in the wheel. 

 Magnum500TallCaps1.jpg (28193 bytes)   magnumcapsshort.jpg (50272 bytes)

Wheel Caps

These are the center caps used on the Magnum 500 wheel. There were two versions - a tall and a short. The short 5/8" high caps (at left) were used from the start of the '71 model year until 4/2/71. Starting on 4/2/71, the caps changed to the taller 1" high versions (at right). 

Also note that the center hole diameter of the Magnums changed coincident with this cap change. The short caps were used with the early 2" hole Magnums and the tall caps were used with the later 2 1/8" center hole Magnums. 

shortlugnut1.jpg (67191 bytes)   

Magnum Lug Nuts

Also in 1971, short and tall lug nuts were used to coincide with the two different height caps discussed at left. The (C5ZZ-1012-B) short lug nuts (shown at left) were used from the start of the '71 model year until 4/2/71. The taller (C4GY-1012-A) lug nuts (shown at right) were used on Magnum 500 wheels after 4/2/71. 


According to Bob Perkins, Both Goodyear Polyglas GT and Firestone Wide ovals are considered concours correct by the MCA for the '71 Mustang, although Firestone was the most common brand used. Photos of each are shown below;

Magnum500closeup3.jpg (53632 bytes)    TireTreadcloseup2.jpg (47137 bytes)

Goodyear Tires

This is the Goodyear F-60-15 available on the 71 429 Mustang.

FirestoneWideOval2.jpg (57140 bytes)TireTread5.jpg (62559 bytes)

Firestone Tires

The Firestone Wide Oval white letter tire was also an option. 

    wheelshield2.jpg (146597 bytes)       

Magnum Wheel Protection Shield

This is a protection shield that came with every new set of Magnum 500 rims. It was used to protect the black painted insets from being scratched when the lug nuts were wrenched on. Although this shield did not come with the 71 Mustang from the factory, it makes a neat 71 trunk detail item since it is a vintage piece and could have been carried by the owner to protect his wheels should he have to change a flat. These protectors are quite rare today and tend to go for alot of money when they show up on E Bay.


Tire Pressure Decal

The '71 Mustang tire pressure decal is located on the inside edge of the passenger side door. The part number shown on this decal is D1ZA-1532-BD.




HubcartrimringCougar.jpg (24023 bytes)

Styled Wheel Optional on all models (14x7)

deluxecougarwheelcover.jpg (42941 bytes)

Deluxe Wheel Cover

Optional on standard Hard Top and Standard on non XR7 convertible

XR7luxwheelcover.jpg (28589 bytes)

XR7 Luxury Wheel Cover

Standard on all XR7 models

HubCapTrimRingCombo.jpg (23888 bytes)

Hub Cap and Trim Ring Standard on Cougar GT


Wheels and covers were available as follows:

Cougar - Hub Cap, Optional: wheel covers, 14X7 Styled Steel Wheel (5 - slot with dark argent paint) or 15X7 and F60X15 tires with Center cap and trim rings only
Cougar GT - Hub Cap / W trim ring, Optional: 14X7 Styled Steel Wheel (5 - slot with dark argent paint) or 15X7 and F60X15 tires with Center cap and trim rings only.
Cougar XR7 - XR7 Wheel cover, Optional: 14X7 Styled Steel Wheel (5 - slot with dark argent paint) or 15X7 and F60X15 tires with Center cap and trim rings only.

Note: Optional 14" wire wheel covers were not available with 14X7 wheels.

429CJ Cougars came with F70-14 Belted traction tires as a required option. All models came with 14X7 steel wheels,

Magnum 500 wheels were not a factory installed Cougar option!

cougarcap7.jpg (60618 bytes)

This is a possible wheel cover option for the Standard Cougar. More research is currently needed to confirm this.


Mitch Lewis's 429 CJ Cougar