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(Note: Click thumbnails to enlarge pictures)

1971 Mustang Radios

General Information

Three types of radios were available on the 71 Mustang - an AM Only, AM 8-Track and and AM/FM. These are described below;

RadioAM.jpg (46329 bytes)

AM Radio 

radioFM.jpg (52281 bytes)

AM/FM Radio

RadioAM8track.jpg (42513 bytes)

AM/8 Track

radioAMback.jpg (53175 bytes)

AM Rear

RadioFMback.jpg (55714 bytes)

AM/FM Rear

RadioAM8trackrear.jpg (51812 bytes)

AM/8 Track Rear

RadioKnobfront.jpg (28409 bytes)

Knobs - 

RadioKnobBack.jpg (21768 bytes)


Radioknobsecondary.jpg (22069 bytes)


radiobezelamfm.jpg (37455 bytes)        RadioInstalled.jpg (36958 bytes)

Radio Bezels

There were two radio bezels for the 71 Mustang. The one at left is for the AM and AM/FM radio. Note the black strip (between the red arrows) to accommodate the shorter face of these radios while the version at right for the taller AM/8 Track required a taller opening (black strip is removed).


radioblockoffplate.jpg (29242 bytes)            

Radio Blockoff Plate

This is the blockoff plate used when a car was ordered with the Radio Delete option. An installed view is shown below;




Radio Support Bracket

The back of the dash radio opening has a slot that this clip slides into and grabs. There were 2-3 different ones for 71-73. The clip attaches to the back of the radio with the clip bracket pointing down. The clip opening then points forward toward the dash slot at the lower part of the dash opening.


antenna2.jpg (25121 bytes)

Telescoping Antenna

The part number for the 71 - 72 antenna is D1ZZ-18813-A., which is a telescoping design. Note the '73 version (part number D3ZZ-18813-A is different. It is a non-telescoping design.

Rear Mount Antenna

Some owners with rear mount antennas have asked us whether or not this could have been a factory installation. Mr. F, of FoMoCo.com provided the following info on this subject;
Does anybody out there know the proper location of the radio antenna for a 1971 Mach 1

Ford's assembly documents, promotional photos, etc. are unambiguous in showing the R/H fender as the only "factory" location.  And even the dealer's radio installation kit comes with identical instructions, including a 1:1 template for drilling.

However, it should be pointed out that it was possible to order a Mustang sans radio.  This also meant "less antenna" and - in at least some model years - the antenna location was not predrilled.  In theory, then, the owner of said car was free to have an antenna mounted wherever (and whenever) he desired.   :-)
Mr F


Dashspeaker1.jpg (25465 bytes)      Dashspeaker2.jpg (21115 bytes)     

Dash Speaker

This is the speaker used under dash on the 71 Mustang. It was part # D1ZA-19A054-A. At right is the speaker grill used to protect speakers installed in the 71 Mustang doors.

Speaker Wiring Harness

This photo shows the wiring and rubber bellows that protect the speaker wiring harness.

AMFMmanual1.jpg (142011 bytes)      AMFMmanual2.jpg (122536 bytes)
AM/FM Radio Manual

This is the manual that came with 71 Mustangs equipped with the AM/FM Radio. It is Ford Part No. D1AA-19A016-AA and is 15 pages long.


1971 Cougar Radios

General Information

Two types of radios were available on the 71 Cougar - AM/FM and AM 8-Track. These are described below;

AM/FM Radio

AM/8 Track

Part number D1WA-19A242-AD

    Radio Bezel

The 71 Cougar Bezel is shown above. Like the Mustang, two different opening heights were available depending on whether the radio was an AM/8 track or AM/FM.

Side by side comparison of 71 Cougar to 71 Mustang Bezels. Different hole locations and 5 versus 4 holes

Cougar Radio Bezel

Cougar (and Mustang) owners need to make sure they are getting the correct bezel when buying at swap meets or E-Bay. Although the Cougar and Mustang versions look the same at first glance, they are actually different designs. In the comparison photo above right, note first that the Cougar version has 5 mounting holes versus the Mustang's 4. This is a good quick way to tell the difference. More importantly, note that the 4 mounting holes are drilled in different locations between the two designs making them NOT interchangeable.


Lee Nevill's 429 CJ Mach 1