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Oil Coolers

Our group has been investigating whether or not engine oil coolers were installed from the factory on 1971 429 SCJ Mustangs. We have yet to find one that the owner believes was factory installed - if you believe you have one, please contact the webmaster;  mailto:JBlair429@comcast.net.

However, oil coolers were certainly installed by dealers and owners. And a special kit with D1ZZ part numbers was released. It could be that the D1ZZ kit was originally intended for the 71 Boss 302, which had been planned for production in 1971 (but was dropped in favor of the Boss 351) as evidenced by this scan from the 1971 Car Shop Manual Volume 2 - Engine, page 21-21-11 below left and a Ford Engine Division internal document* at right;


* Courtesy of the Boss 302 Registry

Below is an Oil Cooler Installation Diagram and component parts list from Ford's "Muscle Parts Story on the 302 Boss, 351 C and 429 Wedge - Supplement No. 2". This diagram shows the installation of an oil cooler on a 70 Torino. Since the Torino and 71 Mustang used the same Radiator Support sheet metal, this diagram may be helpful to those wanting to install an Oil Cooler on a 71 429 Mustang;

(Note: Click thumbnails to enlarge pictures)


Below are some of these special D1ZZ components that we have found.

(Note: Click thumbnails to enlarge pictures)

Mounting Location



Here's Where We Believe Ford Intended

the Oil Cooler to Mount

The photos above show the oil cooler installed on a '71 Mustang in what we believe is the location Ford had intended. The installation was done using the correct*  upper and lower brackets for the '71 Mustang and located the only way they will fit correctly without cutting and/or hammering (which weren't the intended procedures on the assembly line).

People who try to install a cooler on a 71 Mustang often do not know where to put it or what brackets and hoses to use, so they try to copy the 69-70 Mustang installation, which isn't correct for a 71 Mustang. The never-produced 71 Boss 302 Mustang's cooler was intended to be installed the same way as it was on a `70 Torino, which shares the same radiator support as the 71 Mustang. The 71 Mustang intended to use the Torino's lower rear facing D0OE-B bracket, and a modified top bracket, but due to a difference in the width of the Torino and Mustang hood latch bracket. (The top Torino D0OE-B rear facing cooler bracket didn't work on the 71 Mustang) Ford had to come up with a new D1ZE `71 Mustang rear facing top bracket to make it all work on the 71 Mustang. The new 71 Mustang only D1ZE cooler hoses were also necessary. The correct cooler part numbers for the 71 Mustang installation are all listed in the 72 Ford O.H.O Muscle Parts book shown at the bottom of this page.

* We say correct  based on Ford's 71-72 O.H.O (Muscle Parts) parts book which lists the Ford part numbers for the upper and lower brackets needed for the oil cooler kit installation on the '71 429 SCJ Mustang.


Cooler Brackets



Upper Bracket

These pictures shows the D1ZZ upper oil cooler bracket (from just about every angle imaginable!). The upper bracket part# is D1ZZ-6B633-A and the number stamped on it is D1ZE-6B633-AA.

TopBracketD1ZZ.jpg (18961 bytes)   D1ZZUpperBracket2.jpg (16346 bytes)   oilcoolerupperbr5.jpg (29844 bytes)     

A Theory About the Notch on the side of the bracket...

See the cut away "notched" area by the bolt hole?

We see no reason for this notch on a '71 Mustang application. However, we believe it might have been required to clear the grill support on the never produced '71 Cougar Eliminator with a Boss 302 engine. To support this theory, the photo below shows the '71 Cougar Radiator support (common part with '71 Mustang) with a red overlay of the top oil cooler bracket's presumed design intent location. Note how the notch fits almost perfectly to clear the grill support bracket on the '71 Cougar!



Lower Bracket

The lower oil cooler bracket part number is D0OZ-6B634-B and the number stamped on it is D0OE-6B634-B.


Below is the D0OE-6B634-A lower oil cooler bracket. Although similar in appearance to D0OE-B, the fore/aft location of the two "U" shaped supports is different.

lowerbracketoilcooler.jpg (39727 bytes)

Various Owner-installed oil coolers on '71 Mustangs

richoc1.jpg (110285 bytes)

The three oil cooler installation photos in this row are of owner installed coolers. We have yet to find one that was a factory installation.

carter oil cooler pic.jpg (11228 bytes) p28oilcooler.jpg (70337 bytes)
p26filter.jpg (45099 bytes)

This picture shows an installed view of the oil filter adaptor and cooler lines.

richoc2.jpg (172431 bytes)

The oil cooler lines are visible in the lower portion of the above photo.

oilcoolerBob Perkins.jpg (34608 bytes)

This picture shows an NOS D1ZZ-6A715-A oil cooler line, an NOS D1ZZ-6A715-B oil cooler line, an NOS D1ZZ-6881-A block adaptor and a D1ZZ-6A636-A gasket.

oilcooler2.jpg (88852 bytes)

Heat Exchanger

This is a close up shot of the oil cooler heat exchanger assembly.

        oiladaptor1.jpg (18579 bytes)    oiladaptor3.jpg (40297 bytes) 

Oil Filter Adaptor

These are close ups of the D1ZE-6881-AA  oil filter adaptor (note the D1ZZ version is the service replacement). Note that we believe the D1ZE Mustang hose ends were straight (note that some examples shown here have the Torino style 45 and 90 degree ends).

D1ZE1.jpg (54765 bytes)    D1ZE2.jpg (58794 bytes)    D1ZE3.jpg (72412 bytes)

adaptoronblock.jpg (46183 bytes)    adaptorc.jpg (63751 bytes)    p24adaptor.jpg (30312 bytes)

oilfiltergasket.jpg (96909 bytes)

Oil Filter Adaptor to Block gasket

oilcoolerkit1.jpg (42369 bytes)     oilcoolerkit2.jpg (25165 bytes)     oilcoolerkit3.jpg (45076 bytes)    oilcoolerkit4.jpg (21391 bytes)

This complete oil cooler kit was recently sold on Ebay. 

Oil Cooler Lines


The top D1ZZ hose was 39" long and the lower  hose was 32". Both hoses used the straight steel Aeroquip hose ends(size 10) as shown in the diagram above left.


Oil Cooler Component List

These are cooler part numbers for the 71 429 SCJ "Mustang" from Fords 71-72 O.H.O (Muscle Parts) parts book:

D1ZZ-6B633-A     Bracket-Upper-71

D0OZ-6B634-B    Bracket-Lower-71

C9OZ-6A642-A    Oil Cooler Assembly 

D1ZZ-6A715-A    Hose Assembly- Inlet-71

D1ZZ-6A715-B    Hose Assembly-Outlet-71

D1ZZ-6881-A      Adapter-Oil Filter-71

BTW- The D1ZZ upper bracket became the service part for the original
Boss 302 upper bracket!


The article above is from "Ford Mustang - 1967 - 1973" (Brooklands Books). It contains a period review of the 1971 429 SCJ Mustang and indicated that the 71 429 SCJ Mustang did not require an oil cooler. This is the only written period information found to-date referencing the factory status of an engine oil cooler.


Scott Fairchild's 429 CJ Mach 1