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(Note: Click thumbnails to enlarge pictures)

starter3.jpg (48794 bytes)    starter4.jpg (47159 bytes)    starter5.jpg (44906 bytes)


The 429 CJ/SCJ Starter (C9AF-11001-A) had a solenoid mounted on it with a heatshield as shown above. Installed view shown below.

StarterHeatShield.jpg (32667 bytes)

This photo shows a closeup of the solenoid heat shield used on the 429 CJ/SCJ starter. The close proximity of the starter to the exhaust manifold made this shield necessary to protect the solenoid from premature failure.

StarterPartNum.jpg (31080 bytes)

This is a closeup of an original 429 CJ/SCJ Mustang starter with the C9AF-11001-A part number visible on the housing.

StarterPartNum1.jpg (30217 bytes)

Here is a close-up of the correct starter nose piece (drive end) with the C9AF part number and the '70 casting date.

StarterBearing.jpg (15246 bytes)

This is the needle bearing/cage assembly used in the C9AF aluminum starter nose housing.


BatteryGroup27F.jpg (43874 bytes)    batteryinstalled.jpg (84526 bytes)    batterytray.jpg (19931 bytes)    Batteryholddown.jpg (9168 bytes)    Batterybracket.jpg (27843 bytes) 


For 1971, Ford offered both a Group 24 and a 27 battery, but the 429 Mustang/Cougar used only the 27F. A correct Autolite Group 27F Battery is shown above, as well as an installed view. The battery tray, hold down, and fender bracket are also shown above. For those wishing to buy the Autolite 24F Battery cover that fits over the top of a standard battery, here are the dimensions of the battery you will need and the post hole locations for the cover to fit;

batteryshield51.jpg (51737 bytes)    batteryshield53.jpg (34858 bytes)    batteryshield52.jpg (57464 bytes)    Battery27F8.jpg (26609 bytes)

Battery Shield

According to the Ford MPC, Ford used a battery shield on cars with air conditioning or high performance engines (Boss 351 and 429 CJ/SCJ). The purpose of the shield was to deflect engine compartment heat away from the battery and help provide cooling. In addition, the shield has a curved edge on the front that acted as an air scoop. There was a hole in the radiator support which allowed air to pass through and enter this scoop on the shield allowing air to circulate around the battery (the shield had stand-offs to keep a constant air gap around the battery to allow the air to circulate). The part number for this shield (now obsolete) is D0OZ-10A682-A (service #D0OB). Original battery shields are extremely rare today and are highly prized detailing items.  


        poscable1.jpg (43639 bytes)    batterycablepositive.jpg (80175 bytes)    batterycablesM.jpg (32558 bytes)    BatteryCableNegative.jpg (35625 bytes)

Battery Cables

The correct  positive battery cable is part number D0OZ-14300-A and the negative cable is part number D0ZF-14301-A. The accompanying photos show the routing. The eyelet on the negative cable is a ground and attaches under the lower attachment bolt of the voltage regulator. If you have an original positive cable, take good care of it. An NOS one recently went for $500 on eBay. Below is the reproduction set for the 71 429 Mustang sold by Marti Autowerks.


Repro Ground Cable Below



solenoid2.jpg (27098 bytes)
    solenoidinstalled2.jpg (58771 bytes)               


These photos show the C7AF-A solenoid used on the 71 Mustang/Cougar and  installed views with associated wiring. The Junction Block is shown below.

junctionblock.jpg (13231 bytes)

BatteryCapSpillProof.jpg (65665 bytes)

Spillproof Battery Caps for the Autolite Battery were available over the counter and were often used on race cars. These are quite rare today.

AutoliteHPBattery1.jpg (19580 bytes)    AutoliteHP2.jpg (24530 bytes)

This is the Autolite High Performance Battery. These were available over the counter.

Robert Myhrer's 429 SCJ Mach 1