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The 429 CJ used the Rochestor Quadrajet carburetor and the 429 SCJ used a Holley 780. 
Additional details are described below.

(Note: Click thumbnails to enlarge pictures.)

Holley 780 Carburetor used on the 429 SCJ
Note that the automatic trans version (D1ZF-9510-XA) used the solenoid and the 4 speed version (D1ZF-9510-YA) used a dashpot.

71 429 SCJ Holley Auto..jpg (38368 bytes)        


Used on 71 429 SCJ Mustang with C6 transmission. The auto trans used a solenoid as shown below.

carbsolenoidC6.jpg (16617 bytes)   holleybracket1.jpg (31753 bytes)

71 must Holley Front.jpg (28100 bytes)   71 must Holley side.jpg (31415 bytes)   71 must Holley R side.jpg (33305 bytes)   fcleftengine.jpg (275705 bytes)


Used on the 71 429 SCJ Mustang with 4 speed transmission. The 4 speed uses a Dashpot (shown below). Bracket at center and installed view at right.

solenoid4speed.jpg (19781 bytes)  solenoidbracket.jpg (21242 bytes)   carbSolenoid4speed.jpg (86976 bytes)

chokescj.jpg (54848 bytes)      chokestove7.jpg (22245 bytes)   chokestove8.jpg (17412 bytes)   chokestove9.jpg (20291 bytes)

Choke Tubes and Stove

The two photos at left show the choke tubes used on the 429 SCJ Mustang with the Holley 780. The choke tubes inserted into the open ends of the choke stove (various views). The "U" shaped portion was installed into the intake manifold where it was exposed to heat from the exhaust gas routed from the heads to the intake manifold. Vacuum from air entering the carburetor drew fresh air into the top choke tube, where it then passed through the heated U shaped stove installed in the manifold, then into the choke housing to heat the choke coil and cause the choke to open. The heated air was then exhausted from the choke housing


Rochestor Carburetor used on the 429 CJ

Click this link to Dan Davis's Special Write-up: The Rochestor Carb used on the 429 CJ

cj q jet 3.jpg (62146 bytes)

Rochestor Carburetor (various views)

cj q jet 4.jpg (62596 bytes) cj q jet tag.jpg (68195 bytes)
QJcloseup.jpg (78400 bytes) qd1.jpg (63529 bytes) qd2.jpg (70698 bytes)
qd3.jpg (66172 bytes) qd4.jpg (68340 bytes) qd5.jpg (61261 bytes)
qd7.jpg (65501 bytes) qjetsolenoid.jpg (21908 bytes)                 qjetsolenoidinstalled.jpg (55952 bytes)

Rochestor Solenoid  - The correct version for the 429 CJ Mustang/Cougar (red/yellow wire) is shown above. The photo at right shows how the solenoid threads into the bracket and adjusts with a lock nut to keep it in position. Also, A/C cars used the solenoid and non A/C cars used a dashpot.

QJpartnum2.jpg (31352 bytes)    QJpartnum1.jpg (51692 bytes)

GM Part Numbers on the Quadrajet: 7040285 = Manual Trans w/AC, 77040286 = Auto Trans w/AC, 7040287 = Manual Trans w/o AC, 7040288 = Auto Trans w/o AC.

Qjetchoke7.jpg (86599 bytes)    qjchokesetup.jpg (221264 bytes)    chokeCJtype.jpg (26118 bytes)    chokepot.jpg (18505 bytes)

Various Views of Rochestor Choke Setup 


chokecover4speed.jpg (81242 bytes)                   chokecoverC6.jpg (30920 bytes)

Choke Covers

The 429 4 speed choke cover is shown at left and the  429 C6 choke cover is shown at right.     

GasketHolley1.jpg (12706 bytes)      GasketHolley2.jpg (14928 bytes)             

Carburetor Gasket

Shown above is an original carburetor to intake manifold gasket for the 429 SCJ with the Holley 780 (Part #C9AZ-9447-D). It was approximately 1/8" thick. The CJ with Rochestor used a D0OZ-9447-A gasket.

carbnuts1.jpg (11474 bytes)      carbnuts2.jpg (11981 bytes)

Carburetor Attachment Nuts

Original Ford carburetors used the smaller nut (shown at right in each photo) which requires a 7/16" socket on the studs that attached the carb to the intake manifold. The larger nut (left in each photo), which  uses the 1/2" socket is the common non-original replacement.

throttledrawings.jpg (48185 bytes)



throttlebracket429CJC6.jpg (64214 bytes)   

429 CJ C6 Throttle Bracket above.


CJThrottleBracketRear.jpg (12796 bytes)  throttlebracket429SCJ4speed.jpg (13229 bytes)

429 SCJ  4 speed Throttle Bracket above.

429 SCJ C6 Throttle Bracket shown below;


Throttle Brackets

The 429 CJ with the C6 automatic used a spring (attached to the back of the throttle bracket into a small eyelet) to stabilize the transmission  kickdown rod. The 4 speed and C6 SCJ throttle brackets are shown at right. Note they do not have the eyelet for the spring.

Throttle Cables

The 429 Mustang/Cougar version is very difficult to find now if you need one. Before 4/1/71, it was part #D1ZZ-9A758-A . After 4/1/71, it was part #D1ZZ-9A758-G (below). The cable was 23.75" long and had a brown paint daub as shown. Installed view shown at bottom.






Bruce O'Connor's 429 CJ Mach 1