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(Note: Click thumbnails to enlarge pictures.)

Accessory Drive Brackets

enginefrontview.jpg (308322 bytes)

This view shows the front of the 429 engine prior to installation of any bracketry.

accessorydrive.jpg (93132 bytes)

This is a typical 429 CJ accessory drive with Alternator and Power Steering installed. Note the belt routing

feadtopview.jpg (89207 bytes)

Top view showing spacers, brackets and accessories 


Alternator Brackets
P5030007 Alt Brackets.jpg (64076 bytes)

The alternator bracketry consisted of a triangular support - D0SE-10156-A (right) and an adjustment bracket D0OE-10145-B (left). Detail pix of the D0SE-10156-A are shown below;


altfront.jpg (95435 bytes)

This shot is an installed view of the alternator and associated brackets. 

alttop.jpg (83842 bytes)

Top view of alternator and brackets installed.

altbracketcomp2.jpg (110324 bytes)        altbracketcomp1.jpg (87135 bytes)

Adjustment Brackets

The difference between the CJ bracket (black - D0OE-10145-B) and the standard 429/460 bracket (blue - D0SE-10145-A) is that the CJ bracket has a longer adjustment slot than the standard and is a little bit beefier.  The thickness is the same. 


Smog System Brackets
Also see this link: Smog Page


Smog Pump/Alternator Bracket

The 429 SCJ uses a modified 429 CJ alternator bracket to mount the Smog pump to the engine. As can be seen in the photos above, Ford added an additional mounting tab to the CJ bracket to serve as the lower mount for the Smog Pump. This mounting tab can be clearly seen in the photo at center right with the CJ bracket overlaid on top of the SCJ bracket. The SCJ bracket is part number D0VE-9B450-A as shown in the photo at right and bracket alone below;.

Below is a view of this bracket installed (without smog pump) showing the eyelet that provided the lower mounting point for the smog pump.


smog452bracket.jpg (15360 bytes)   452bracket2.jpg (14684 bytes)   UpperSmog8.jpg (16184 bytes)   p10fredsmog.jpg (45441 bytes)

Smog Pump Adjustment Bracket

This is the 429 SCJ smog pump adjustment bracket (Part # D0VE- 9B452-A). A bolt through the slot allows the smog pump to be adjusted to tension the drive belt.

smogbracketoverview.jpg (16700 bytes)     

Assembled View

This is an overview of how the bracketry assembles together for the 429 SCJ smog system. 


Power Steering Brackets

powersteeringpumpbracket1a.jpg (117694 bytes)

This is the power steering pump support bracket (D1AZ-3A732-A). It bolts to the front of P/S pump via the three holes in the "C" shaped portion. 

ps4.jpg (263156 bytes)

The support bracket shown at left attaches to the adjustment bracket (right) that bolts to the engine.

psbracket.jpg (19963 bytes)

Detailed view of the P/S adjustment bracket  (D0AZ-3C511-F).

psfront.jpg (96419 bytes)

Installed shot of Power Steering bracketry (front view). 

pstop.jpg (82992 bytes)

Top view of P/S bracketry. Belt tension is adjusted by loosening the three nuts shown and cranking the nut on the long fastener at the right of the photo.

PSdiagram.jpg (206344 bytes)

Detailed Power Steering Bracketry Installation Diagram


A/C Brackets
ACbracket2.jpg (41957 bytes)       ACbracket1.jpg (46547 bytes)

Lower A/C Compressor mounting Bracket - Part number D0AA-2882-B

ACbrackets5.jpg (52377 bytes)     ACbracket6.jpg (51627 bytes)     ACbracket7.jpg (62070 bytes)             
ACbracket8.jpg (59454 bytes)      ACbracket9.jpg (27397 bytes)      ACbracket10.jpg (22591 bytes)
compressorbracketDiagram.jpg (132637 bytes)

Detailed A/C Compressor Bracketry Installation Diagram


Dan Davis's 429 CJ Cougar