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The 429 CJ/SCJ came with an Extra Cooling Package which included a three row, higher fin density radiator at 13 fpi (fins per inch) instead of the standard duty radiator at 10 fpi. Cooling system components are shown and described below:

(Note: Click thumbnails to enlarge pictures)


RadiatorD1ZE-EAc6.jpg (177054 bytes)

The D1ZE-EA is the radiator used with the 429 CJ/SCJ and C6 automatic. Note the transmission oil cooler fittings on the left side tank for the internal cooler. Interesting Note: All Ford replacement radiators had the trans oil cooler, so if you went to dealer to order one for a 4-speed car, you got the cooler anyway.

RadiatorD1ZE-DA4speed.jpg (193761 bytes)

The D1ZE-DA is the 429 CJ/SCJ 4-speed radiator. Note the absence of the Transmission oil cooler fittings. 

RadiatorD1ZE-EA.jpg (107169 bytes)

D1ZE-EA part number stamping on top surface.

RadiatorD1ZEDA.jpg (113940 bytes)

D1ZE-DA part number stamping on top surface.

Radiator10finPerInch.jpg (153202 bytes)         Radiator12FinsPerInch.jpg (162922 bytes)   

Fins Per Inch

The picture at left is the 10 fin per inch D1A 429 CJ Torino radiator. The picture at right is the 429 Mustang/Cougar 13 fins per inch unit. The additional fins/inch allow more surface for heat transfer and improved cooling performance. 


Fan7blade.jpg (152111 bytes)     Fan7bladePartnumber.jpg (73103 bytes)     7bladefan.jpg (44172 bytes)


The 429 CJ/SCJ used a 19" seven blade fan stamped with part # D0OE-A is visible on the front surface of one blade as shown.

fanShroud3.jpg (103733 bytes)     radshroud.jpg (53592 bytes)     FanshroudPN.jpg (35461 bytes)

Factory Fan Shroud

The factory fan shroud was made out of fiber glass and has Part# D0OE-8146-D molded into the left top corner. Additionally, the supplier name is also molded in - Barnum Bros. Fibre Co. Inc. The diagram below shows the installation of the fan shroud.

CoolingSystemDiagram.jpg (32931 bytes)

Reproduction  Fan Shrouds Available for the 71 429  Mustang/Cougar


Crites Restoration makes the shroud shown above which is made from fiberglass like the original.


Dearborn Classics makes this shroud from Polypropylene. Some members who have this shroud had noted warpage due to underhood temperatures.

WaterpumpD0OE.jpg (181108 bytes)    waterpumpD0OEcloseup.jpg (173093 bytes)     WaterPumpD0OEimpeller.jpg (176614 bytes)

Water Pump

An NOS 429 CJ/SCJ water pump is shown above. Note D0OE cast in part number and the underside view showing the impeller. The rear water pump backing plate is shown below;


ThermostatHousingTop.jpg (51579 bytes)    ThermostatPN.jpg (50774 bytes)    THermostatHousing.jpg (64277 bytes)

Thermostat Housing

The part number (C8SE 8594-B) is stamped on the flange as shown. Either a  PVS (Ported Vacuum Switch) or an EPVS  (Electric Ported Vacuum Switch) threaded into to the top of the housing to provide vacuum control to the distributor.

FanSpacer1.jpg (32219 bytes)     fanspacer2.jpg (42654 bytes)     fanspacer4.jpg (40017 bytes)

Fan Spacer

This is the fan spacer used for the 429 CJ/SCJ. It has a C8SE-B part number on the fan pilot hub as shown. The C8SE spacer has an overall length of 2 1/8".

fanspacer3.jpg (52064 bytes)      fanspacer5.jpg (58101 bytes)

This is a side by side comparison of the C8SE-B spacer (right) and the more common longer C8AE-F spacer (left) found at swap meets. Also note that the correct C8SE-B spacer on the right has a much larger pilot hole to fit over the D0OE water pump shaft. 

radhose1.jpg (65561 bytes)     radhose2.jpg (62394 bytes)     

Radiator Hoses

Upper (left) and lower (right) radiator hoses shown above (Marti Auto Works reproductions).  An original 71 429 Mustang lower hose is shown below. Note the red stripe.


          bracketRadiator1.jpg (49443 bytes)

The radiator hold down bracket is shown at right.


This Autolite radiator cap was removed from a very original, low mile 71 429 SCJ Mach 1. While it is possible it could have been changed early in life, it is an original Autolite cap and seems reasonable that it was original. Anyone else who believes they may have an original cap, please e-mail the webmaster with photos so we can see if it is this same design.

deflector1.jpg (45473 bytes)    deflector2a.jpg (78123 bytes)    deflector3.jpg (22367 bytes)

Radiator Air Deflector 

This is the radiator air deflector that clipped (using the 4 clips shown above) to the top front edge of the radiator. It filled the gap between the radiator and the rad support to help direct air entering the grill through the radiator instead of by-passing it by flowing over the top.

 Below left and center are two views showing this air deflector installed on a 351. Photo below right was taken of a 71 429 Mustang in the mid-70's showing an air deflector was present.

deflector5a.jpg (39171 bytes)    deflector4a.jpg (97495 bytes)   

overflow2.jpg (68059 bytes)    overflow1.jpg (50711 bytes)

Overflow Bottle

Although 429 Mustangs and Cougars were not equipped with Overflow Bottles from the factory, Ford did sell generic kits over the counter like the one above that could be used.

      Bruce O'Connor's 429 CJ Mach 1