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(Note: Click thumbnails to enlarge pictures)

70valvecovers.jpg (17719 bytes)
               71valvecoversgood.jpg (51306 bytes)

Valve Covers

There were two versions of the 429 CJ/SCJ aluminum finned 429 valve covers. The version used on the 1970 429 CJ/SCJ engine BOTH had twist type holes (as shown above left). The 1971 429 CJ/SCJ valve covers (above right) had a round hole in the passenger side valve cover and a twist type hole in the drivers side valve cover. This was the version used on the '71 429 Mustang and Cougar (engineering numbers on my 71 429 Mustang valve covers are Driver's side; D0OE-6583-A, Passenger side;  D1OE-6583-CA). 

The two photos below show what the original finish looks like. After so many years, many of these valve covers have been modified by being highly polished, bead blasting or painting.


drippers1.jpg (22010 bytes)
       p21drippers.jpg (63667 bytes)

Valve Covers

The 429 aluminum valve covers had built in drip rails to direct oil onto the rocker arms. The photos above show close-ups of the drip rails.

PCVhoseRouting.jpg (129683 bytes)     PCVhoseFittingHolley.jpg (72228 bytes)   

PCV Hose Routings

The photo above left shows the SCJ PCV Hose installed and at right, the port on the Holley 780 that the PCV Hose attaches to. Below left is the CJ PCV Hose installation and the Quadrajet port it hooks to below right. 

 PCVhoseRoutingQjet.jpg (247407 bytes)     PCVhoseFittingQJ.jpg (66970 bytes)    


C9TEpcvValve.jpg (9667 bytes)

PCV Valve "C9TE"

This C9TE valve is listed in the MPC for the 429 SCJ. The MPC also lists this valve as the "EV48". 





PCVdoazR.jpg (10843 bytes)

PCV Valve " D0AZ"

The D0AZ valve has a larger nipple than the C9TE. It is the one listed for the 429 CJ application. The MPC lists this valve as the "EV50".

PCVcomparison2R.jpg (20966 bytes)

PCV Valve Comparison

This is a side by side comparison of the small nipple C9TE valve to the large nipple D0AZ valve.

valvecovercap.jpg (14487 bytes)     valvecovercapsinstalled.jpg (38732 bytes)

Valve Cover Cap

This is the Valve Cover Cap used on the driver's side valve cover. A rubber grommet was inserted in the center to retain the PCV valve. A plastic 90 degree elbow was placed in a plastic grommet in the passenger side valve cover. 

vacuumT.jpg (27349 bytes)              

Vacuum T's/Routings

The single T (at top left) is part of the rear vacuum hose and provides a port to the ram air system in the hood. This fitting was also used at the one ram air hood flapper diaphram to port vacuum to the other flapper diaphram (see diagram at center). A 5-port T  (shown at right) is also part of the 429 vacuum harness. The two diagrams show where it was used.

SCJvacuumRouting.jpg (62765 bytes)     CJRvacuumRouting.jpg (71181 bytes)

Vacuum Routings

The factory The vacuum hose routings for the 429 SCJ - R and CJ - R are also shown above. Additional vacuum hoses for A/C are shown in the diagram left, but the routing paths are not as clear as we would like. Additional research on the A/C routing is needed. The 429 SCJ Non-Ram Air is shown in the diagram below right.




Engine Wiring Harness

This harness branches off the main harness at the firewall and runs along the inside edge of the driver side valve cover. The connectors are labeled as shown. Additional wiring variations exist for cars with EPVS (electric pressure vacuum switch) and carburetor solenoids.

manffitting1.jpg (19788 bytes)   manfFitting2.jpg (18738 bytes)   manfFitting3.jpg (20828 bytes)

Front Intake Manifold Vacuum Fitting

The pictures above show the vacuum fitting used in the front port of the 429 CJ/SCJ intake manifold. The photo at right shows a comparison between an original 429 CJ/SCJ fitting (no beads on the ends of the nipples) and the later model version used on the 460. The photo below shows where this fitting installs in the intake manifold.

frontvacPortLocation.jpg (45533 bytes)

manfFitting4.jpg (26042 bytes)      manfFitting6.jpg (26068 bytes)     manifoldvacFittinglrearLabeled.jpg (34488 bytes)

Rear Intake Manifold Vacuum Fitting

This large fitting was plumbed into the rear of the CJ/SCJ intake manifold. On a CJ-R, the large nipple was for the power brake booster hose, the small one for the Ram Air system and the two opposed fittings were used for the C6 Modulator and the A/C vacuum can. The location of this fitting is shown by the red arrow in the photo below.

vacuumTreeLocation2.jpg (82838 bytes)

heaterhose1.jpg (13616 bytes)     heaterhose2.jpg (23201 bytes)     heaterhoses1.jpg (68945 bytes)

Heater Hose

The '71 Mustang/Cougar used the heater hose with the yellow stripe. Note that although the 429 '70 Torino used a combination of metal tubing and rubber heater hose, the 429 Mustang/Cougar used all rubber hose from the heater core to the fittings on the water pump and intake manifold. Below is the 90 degree fitting used at the intake. You can buy an F3TZ-18599-A version of this nipple still at the Ford dealer today - the same except the hose nipple is slightly longer. It has been found that when one of these nipples rust out, they both (the screw in 90 degree and the press-in straight nipple) need to be replaced. Because of the long hose nipple on this 90 degree fitting,  it will probably hit the straight nipple when being screwed into the front of the intake. To avoid this clearance problem, the 90 degee would need to be installed first and then the straight press-in after that. 

  htrhoseElbow2.jpg (24163 bytes)        htrhoseElbow1.jpg (32434 bytes)

            429cjlifthooks.jpg (54499 bytes)       LiftHookComparison.jpg (31254 bytes)

Engine Lift Hooks

The photos at top left and center show the correct 429 CJ/SCJ Mustang/Cougar lift hooks. Note that one set has oval holes and the other set has round holes. Since both versions have been found on what we believe to be original engines, we are assuming there were two suppliers for these two variations. The photo at top right is a comparison photo of various 429 lift hook designs; (A) 429 CJ/SCJ Mustang, (B) Base 429/460  (C) N Code 429 Cyclone

lifthookpassSide.jpg (76650 bytes)       liftHookDriverSide.jpg (48850 bytes)    

As shown above, the engine lift hooks attach at the second exhaust manifold runner from the front of the engine for the passenger side and the 3rd exhaust manifold runner from the front on the driver's side. They attached with the exhaust manifold bolts.

tempunit.jpg (33550 bytes)    feadtopview.jpg (89207 bytes)


Temperature Sender

The Temperature Sender screwed into the threaded port on the driver's side of the intake manifold as seen in the installed view at right.

Oil Pressure Sender

oilPressureSenderInstalled.jpg (84249 bytes)

The oil pressure sender threads into the top surface of the block just behind the intake manifold.

     dipstickPN.jpg (11574 bytes)     dipstick3.jpg (12980 bytes)     dipstickM.jpg (10329 bytes)

This is the chrome Dipstick used on the 429 CJ/SCJ Mustang/Cougar (Part #D0OE-6750-B). 


Oil Filter Fitting

This is the fitting (service part #D7AZ-6890-B) that threads into the block that the engine oil filter threads on to.



Jerry Bryant's 429 CJ Mach 1