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Steering Wheels
Three different steering wheels were available for the 71 Mustang;

3spokewheel.jpg (21100 bytes)

3 Spoke

2spokewheel.jpg (16027 bytes)

2 Spoke


cougarint2.jpg (102000 bytes)      c10.jpg (39824 bytes)

Two and three spoke wheels for the 71 Cougar are shown above.

   SteeringBoxSideView.jpg (34497 bytes)      steeringinstalled1.jpg (54491 bytes)      SteeringBox8.jpg (45552 bytes)

Power Steering Gearbox

The 71 429 Mustang (and other V8 models with competition suspension) came with Variable Ratio Power Steering, which provided a rapidly reducing ratio as the wheel is turned beyond center. This gave the driver the benefits of quick ratio steering without the steering being super-sensitive. The 71 -72 variable ratio P/S gear boxes were tagged "SPA-T" (see below) and "SPA-V". The SPA-T was definitely used on the '71. It is not known at this time if the SPA-V was also used in '71 or was for '72 only.  

SPATtag.jpg (25102 bytes)      steeringassembly.jpg (46864 bytes)

71 -72 Mustangs without the Competition Suspension used a Constant Ratio P/S gearbox listed as SPA-S and SPA-U.

Power Steering Pump Build Tag

Two different power steering pumps were used on the 71 Mustang. The HBA-CG was used with the variable ratio gear box and the HBA-CF was used with a constant ratio gear box. The ID tag is located on the back of the pump as shown in the drawing below.


pssystem.jpg (61458 bytes)   steeringbox.jpg (35294 bytes)   PSsystem.jpg (34516 bytes)

Power Steering  Gearbox

PSinletLine.jpg (55883 bytes)                   

       PShose22.jpg (89071 bytes)

Power Steering  Hoses

The 429 pressure (inlet) hose D1ZZ-3A719-A is shown in the top row above. The return hose is shown in the second row above with the insulating foam protective sleeve. The clip shown below maintains the hoses in the correct design position and prevents rotation into other components.

PShose33.jpg (91799 bytes)     PShoseBracket1.jpg (44883 bytes)     PShoseBracket2.jpg (55601 bytes)


pitmanpaintmarks2.jpg (46972 bytes)       steeringbox2.jpg (40325 bytes)

Power Steering Gear Box Paint Marks

The two photos above show paint marks on the P/S gear box and associated parts. A yellow "7" on the gear box itself, a white dab and green "M" (or "W") on the pitman arm, and the heads of the 3 bolts which attach the gear box to the frame are red oxide dyed finish as a corrosion protectant. These paint marks are all careful reproductions of the originals found on this particular box, which is from a 71 Boss 351. Since the Boss 351 and 429 CJ/SCJ share the same variable ratio steering box, it is assumed that the 429 would have these same markings.


Power Steering Cooler (Non A/C)

Shown is the unique CJ/SCJ cooler (part#D1AA-30746-BA) which mounted to the left cylinder head, and was used on some non-A/C cars. The part number is shown in the closeup photo below left and the location the cooler bolts to the head at right.




Power Steering Cooler (A/C)

Some CJ A/C cars used the standard Ford cooler (above - part# D1AA-3D346-AA or AB) that was different from the one shown at left. It  was mounted on the top of the A/C compressor as shown above.


PS Cooler Diagrams

This diagram shows how the Power Steering coolers are mounted for both the A/C and non-A/C versions.

steeringcolumn71.jpg (53092 bytes)        steeringcolumn72.jpg (49617 bytes)

Steering Columns

At left is the 71 steering column and the 72 at right. Note the date code on the mounting plate on the 71 version and the differences in wiring locations between the 71 and 72 versions.

SteeringMountingPlateAutoTrans.jpg (39979 bytes)        steeringmountManualTrans.jpg (41256 bytes)

Steering Mounting Plates

A Steering Mounting plate for and Auto Trans application is shown at left and one for a manual trans is shown at right. Note the strip of metal in the opening of the auto trans version at red arrow while this strip is absent on the manual trans version. If you have a mounting plate for an auto trans car and want to use it for a 4 speed car,  all you need to do is cut the strip out. That is the opening that the clutch rod passes through.



Robert Myhrer annihilates the tires on his yellow 429 CJ Mach 1!