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The 429 CJ/SCJ Paper Engine Tag

Did the 71 429 Mustang come with a paper engine tag on the front valve cover like the '71 Boss 351 above? The answer is yes! The photos below confirm this and show the tag was located on the front surface of the 429 CJ/SCJ passenger side valve cover.

Enginetagcycle.jpg (21290 bytes)

This is a period photo of a 429 CJ Cyclone showing what this sticker looked like.

StickerLocationR.jpg (40483 bytes)   EnginewithTag.jpg (34606 bytes)

The picture at left shows the mark remaining from the paper engine tag sticker on a 71 429 Mustang valve cover while the photo at right actually shows one of these stickers on a 71 429 Mustang .

Unfortunately, all the details on this tag are not visible in the photos above. However, based on information from other '71 tags and information from a 429 Group survey, we have taken a stab a constructing what the '71 429 Mustang tag probably looked like below; 

So How Did We Come Up With This? Here's Our Logic;

First of all, the alpha-numeric code on this tag is the same code as the one shown on the metal Engine ID tag under the coil bracket and the Engine Tag Number from the top left corner of the buildsheet . If you look at this engine code chart from the MPC IDTAGchart.jpg (77764 bytes), you will see the code for a 429 CJ/SCJ will be a three digit number ranging from 824 to 838 with the precise code depending on CJ , SCJ, vehicle type and transmission type. Based on a survey taken of our group, we have found the following codes apply to the 71 429 Mustang and Cougar;

71 429 Mustang/Cougar Paper Engine Application Chart

Paper Tag Code

CJ or SCJ C6 or 4 speed Vehicle Type
K833-K 429 CJ C6 71 Mustang/Cougar
K833-KG 429 CJ C6 71 Mustang/Cougar
K834-K 429 CJ 4 speed 71 Mustang/Cougar
837-J 429 SCJ C6 71 Mustang
838-J 429SCJ 4 speed 71 Mustang

So we now know which Paper Tag Code goes with which 429 Mustang/Cougar application. What about the number in the lower left corner of the tag? This is the ignition timing for the engine and is 10 degrees for both the 429 CJ and SCJ engine. Regarding the "L" in the upper left hand corner - it is not known what this meant but we are assuming it is the same for the 429 tag since "L" is used for all other period Ford engine stickers.

If you would like to have one of these stickers for your 71 429 Mustang or Cougar, click on the Engine Tag Template link below and follow the instructions!

Make Your Own Paper Engine Tag Instructions

1. Click the following link to open the Microsoft Word file:

Note: The template below may take up to 1 minute to open on some computers.

2. Save it to Microsoft Word.
3. Print this Microsoft Word template out on a sheet of #8161 1"x4" white address labels available at your local office supply store. 
4. Select the appropriate tag off the sheet for your application based on the Application Chart above. 
5. Trim the rounded corners off each end of the tag to make it rectangular.
6. Use solvent to clean and degrease the front surface of your valve cover. Stick the tag on the front surface of the passenger side valve cover (in the same location as shown in the photos above of the original 429 stickers). 
7. Obtain a transparent sticker (I used shipping tape) and cut a rectangle that overlaps the perimeter of the paper sticker by about 1/8". Overlay the clear sticker over the paper engine tag to protect it and produce a shiny covering like that used on the original Paper Engine Tag.



Backup Data

The chart below contains the results of the engine code survey taken through the 71 429 Mustang/Cougar Group. We also had help from our Torino/Cyclone/Ranchero friends and they may find some of this information useful as well.

MPC Data

Poll Data From 429 Mustang/Cougar/Torino/Cyclone Owners

Engine Code # 429 Engine Type Tag # 429 Engine Type C or J Code? 4 speed or C6? A/C? Tag Photo Tag Owner Notes
824 CJ K824-A CJ J C6 NO N/A 70 Cyclone
K824-AG CJ J C6 ? N B. Shenk 70 Torino
K824-AG CJ C C6 ? N B.Shenk 70 Torino
826 CJ K826-K CJ J 4 spd NO w.jpg (22642 bytes) N/A 71 Torino
K826-A CJ C 4 spd NO N Barry D 70 Ranchero
829 SCJ 829-A SCJ J 4 spd NO ernietag.jpg (3485 bytes) Ernie W. 70 Torino
829-A SCJ J 4 spd NO N Walt G. 70 Torino
830 SCJ K830-A SCJ J C6 NO N B.Shenk 70 Torino
831 SCJ                
832 SCJ K832-J PI   C6 ? N Dan D. 71 Police Car
833 CJ


K833-K CJ J C6 A/C enginetagBruce.jpg (15921 bytes) Bruce O. Must.(export)
K833-K CJ J C6 A/C EngineTagDanD.jpg (14869 bytes) Dan D. Cougar
K833-K CJ J C6 A/C N Lee N. Must.
K833-K CJ C C6 A/C N Tom D. Must
K833-K CJ J C6 A/C EngineTagJohnH.jpg (38230 bytes) John H. Must
K833-K CJ J C6 NO N Allen B. Must
K833-KG CJ C C6 NO N Jim S. Must
K833-KG CJ J C6 A/C N Mitch Cougar
K833-KG CJ J C6 A/C N Harry F. Must
K833-KG CJ J C6 A/C N Jay G. Must (Ca)
K833-KG CJ J C6 A/C tag833-kg.jpg (32163 bytes) Robert Must
834 CJ
K834-K ? ? ? ? enginetag2.jpg (9205 bytes) ? ?
K834-K CJ J 4 spd A/C N Ron P. Must
K834-K CJ J 4 spd NO N Jim O. Cougar
835 SCJ                
836 SCJ                
837 SCJ
837-J SCJ J C6 N/A N Brian K. Must
837-J SCJ J C6 N/A tag837.jpg (23502 bytes) Robert Must
838 SCJ 838-J SCJ J 4 spd N/A tag838-J.jpg (7256 bytes) Gord Must.
838-J SCJ J 4 spd N/A N Fred C. Must
838-J SCJ J 4 spd N/A N Mark P. Must

Morris Aubertin's 429 CJ Mach 1