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Inspection Decals

Four Inspection Decals were used in the 71 Mustang engine compartment  - P, B, T and F. It is likely that the P stood for Paint, B for Body, T for Trim and F for Final as these are the names of the major areas in an auto assembly plant. The T and B letter decals are red while the P and F are black. The following is our recommended placement* for these decals based upon the supporting photos below;


B and T Location

B and T went the right of the wiper motor.


F Location

The F decal went to the left of wiper motor.


P Location

The P decal was placed between the top horn and the upper shock mount.

* Note that it is certainly possible that these decals were also placed in other locations in the engine compartment due to different assembly plants (Dearborn/Metuchen), different assembly line workers, etc. However, we are presenting the locations we have observed most often for them on multiple original and correctly restored MCA concours gold 71 Mustangs.

Make Your Own Inspection Decals

Inspection Decal Template

Most of the reproduction Inspection Decals sold at Mustang supply-houses are incorrect for the 71 Mustang (wrong size, font, color, rounded instead of square edges), so we have made the template below to be as close as possible to the originals based on careful examination of factory '71 Mustang decals. To make your own decals;

1) Click on the template below, which will open a Microsoft Word file (InspectionTemplate2.doc), which you then save to your computer.

2) From Microsoft Word, open file InspectionTemplate2.doc. It is already sized to print out each letter to the correct 14 mm height. Load your printer with white sheet adhesive label paper (Avery #6573 or similar) and print them out.

3) Trim each of your 4 Inspection Decals to be 20 mm by 20 mm as shown in the diagram below. You may wish to cover them first with clear plastic adhesive tape (I used shipping tape because it's wide enough) to provide a water proof seal. Once done, add them to your engine compartment based on the locations shown above.

Here's What They Look Like!

Below is an Engine Compartment with decals made using the process above and located according to information presented above;




Neil Starenburg's 429 CJ Cougar Convertible