Concours C6
Top Loader Detail


Group member Art Richardson recently had his 4 speed Top Loader rebuilt and took the opportunity to detail it with the appropriate factory inspection markings. To do this, Art referenced Mustang Monthly's 6/99 article called, 71 - 73 4 Speed Concours Detailing. He used Cast Blast paint on the trans case to provide the natural metal appearance and yellow and green paint for the inspection marks per the Mustang Monthly article. Although this transmission is from a '71 Boss 351, most of these same inspection marks should apply to the 71 429 Mustang. As always, carefully note your own inspection markings when you clean your trans case and add then back once you're ready. Additionally, note the photos of the 4 speed trans brace. Art also used "Cast Blast" paint here to provide a natural metal appearance. Note that the stamped in "R" indicates that side of the brace goes to the rear. Thanks to Art for providing these photos!