The Photos on this Page Compare an Original 71 429 Mustang Ram Air seal to the new Ford Ram Air.com Reproduction Seal made for the 71 429 Mustang.

New 2/05/03
Added photos of installed seal showing how the shape improves and wrinkles disappear after heating.

(Thanks to Mr. Leon Grice of FordRamAir.com for providing these new photos!)

Note: The repro seal shown below was installed briefly just for photos. I saw one of these seals installed on a 351 recently and with engine heat, it took the circular shape of the original and all the folds disappeared.

(Click on images below for larger view)

Comparison with Seal Before Installation on Air Cleaner

se1.jpg (121228 bytes)   
                               Repro after heating (installed)

se2.jpg (110760 bytes)    se3.jpg (32343 bytes)

Comparison with Seal Installed on Air Cleaner

sbs1a.jpg (185026 bytes)  
                                                                             Repro after heating

   sbs3a.jpg (132509 bytes)          sbs2a.jpg (85056 bytes)   
                                                                              Repro after heating

Comparison with Air Cleaner Installed on Vehicle

sbs5.JPG (197965 bytes)   
                                                                           Repro after heating 

sbs6.JPG (223217 bytes)   
                                                                       Repro after heating


Thanks to group member Bruce O'Connor for allowing me to use his brand new seal for these comparison photos. (John Blair)